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Co. Registration No: 2007/184866/23

VAT No: 4590185916

BEE Level 4 Compliant

Digital Advance Diesel Timing Light with Tach / Dwell / Volt Tester DA-3100


   Advance: 0-60 Degree BTDC

   Tach: 200-10000 RPM

   Dwell: 0-99.9%

   Volt: 0-16V

  1. Timing Light
  2. Adjustable Nuts: to adjust the tightness of the Piezo Clamp onto the injector pipe
  3. Piezo Clamp: The Piezo Clamp equipped with a sensing element enables to detect the fuel pressure pulse in the injector fuel pipe while fuel is injected into the cylinder and the Piezo Clamp is clamped on the #1 Injector fuel pipe.
  4. Main Cable :.

           a. Battery Clips (red & black): to supply the Timing Light powered from the vehicle battery

           b. Test Clip (green): for RPM, Dwell, Voltage tests

           c. Sensor Connector (white): to connect with Diesel sensor lead or Inductive pickup lead

  1. Diesel oil sensor Lead with wire: to produce a signal to trigger the timing light
  2. Inductive Pick-up Lead: to clamp onto #1 spark plug of ignition engine system