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Co. Registration No: 2007/184866/23

VAT No: 4590185916

BEE Level 4 Compliant


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Handheld radio remote control

The handheld P model has many loyal customers; it displays 11 buttons, of which 8 are double-step and 3 single-step, plus Start and Stop; it is very resistant and convenient to be used. The passage from the first to the second step of the 8 frontal buttons is clearly perceived. The extra auxiliary buttons on one side constitute a precious further support for those applications that require a higher number of commands than those normally used to control cranes and lifting/handling systems. On the side there is a removable starting key in order to limit the use to authorized persons only. IP65 protection. The standard package includes: transmitter, receiver, 2 rechargeable batteries, battery charger, wrist belt, transmitter protection case, user manual

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Transmitter protection level


Receiver protection level


Transmitter dimensions

84 x 240 x 50 mm

Receiver dimensions

170 x 500 x 90 mm

Transmitter weight

0,5 kg

Working temperature

-20 - 55 °C

Voltage applicable to the contacts 

max 110 V

Operating distance

150 m

ISM band working frequency

433, 100-434, 790 MHz

Autonomy at 20 °C 

approx 20 hours