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Co. Registration No: 2007/184866/23

VAT No: 4590185916

BEE Level 4 Compliant


Wireless data transmission

The M8 transmitter is designed for mounting on a DIN rail, and is the ideal solution for creating high-safety wireless link enabling the transmission of commands and status signals. Sensors, RS232 and RS485 ports can be inputs for a

M8 transmitter becoming outputs at a MAC receiver thus providing a status or alarm signals reporting.

In the same way, control panel commands can be radio transmitted to the receiver for the remote control of a machine.

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Status LED:

All IMET transmitters are equipped with a led providing information about the working status, the battery level and coded messages.

Extractable terminal blocks with marker strips:

A control box always kept in order, ease of access for maintenance purpose, quick installation: those are the main advantages deriving from extractable terminal block with marker strips you can find on IMET M8 transmitter

Communication Port

The M8 transmitting unit supports the RS485 communication protocol that allows the data acquisition from sensors or external electronic devices.

External Antenna with SMA plug

ET M8 transmitting unit communicates with its receiver thanks to an external antenna that can be easily mounted in the most suitable position for guaranteeing a reliable radio link.

Extractable fuses

In order to simplify installation and maintenance procedures, IMET has designed the electronic boards of its products keeping an easy access to the protection devices.

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