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Co. Registration No: 2007/184866/23

VAT No: 4590185916

BEE Level 4 Compliant


Precision fingertip control

The ZEUS M6 transmitter utilises the same transmitter body as the B2, combined with specially designed proportional joysticks for applications such as hydraulic proportional cranes, telescopic handlers, crawler vehicles and any other kind of machine for which single-axis joysticks represent the ideal type of movement command.

The ZEUS M6 console has a compact size but again, reserves plenty of space for additional on/off and proportional commands making it an easily customisable transmitter for special applications.

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Furthermore ….

STOP button:

The CAT4 (EN 954-1), mushroom head mechanically latching button is protected against falls by a bumper keeping at the same time a maximum easiness of access.

“Contactless” extractable key:

The contactless magnetic key is a standard feature in all radio remote controls.   No more metallic keys that rust and are not waterproof.

Materials: synthesis of strength , lightweight and environmental care

IMET’s products comply with the directive RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).

The materials we use are robust, mechanically and thermally stable and resistant to chemically aggressive environments

Extractable rechargeable NiMH

Compared with the previous NiCd batteries, the new NiMH generation grants a larger autonomy together with a negligible “memory effect”.

The transmitter is equipped with an easily accessible battery slot that enables its fast replacement maintaining at the same time a perfect sealing against liquids and dust.

Gold plated contacts guarantee a long and stable electrical connection over the years.

Status Led:

All IMET transmitters are equipped with a led providing information about the working status, the battery level and coded messages

IMET single joysticks: for the best Human-Machine Interface

IMET single and dual axis joysticks  guarantee a long life and maintenance-free operation providing superb proportional and step control. Operated joystick radiocontrollers will then allow smooth and precise management of critical functions in a variety of industrial applications where a Human-Machine Interface is required.

Available in one or two axis configurations, a choice of different proportional and step models enable the most comprehensive matching of the joystick to your application

Control panel graphics:

Thanks to modern digital printing, IMET is able to customize the graphics of your transmitter texts and symbols in function to your needs. For example, complex lay outs can be organized with colour coding of groups of functions improving the ease of use and reducing involuntary activations.

Motion buttons:

All motion commands feature double step push buttons with large print for a comfortable use also wearing gloves and for long work shift. The tags are easily interchangeable and can be chosen among a vast range of standard symbols.

START button:

The command for turning the radio system into working mode. Horn command is activated simultaneously to signal the machine is ready to operate.




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